A new beginning!

Welcome to Floraville’s blog!

Hi everyone,

Writing a blog is a new chapter in my life and as every new beginning it is exciting, nerve wrecking, emotional and full with surprises. A blog about my true passion in life – Flowers.

Ever since I can remember myself I’m playing with flowers. As a little girl I was always in my grandmother’s garden – digging, planting, watering or just simply playing with her flowers. I was the one collecting leaves and blooms on our school field trips, not to mention those 5 km hikes to find a rare Fern in the forest with my fellow class mates, during our years in University, studying Biology and Ecology. When I moved to Canada, nearly a decade ago I knew that I want to be become a professional floral designer. Thanks to my supporting family, I finally jumped into my new adventure.

I started designing permanent floral décor using preserved natural materials. But something was missing from the picture, it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t the true me. It was time to follow my heart and my true passion – designing with fresh flowers.

And this is what my blog is all about, everything about flowers and being a florist. I’ll take you behind the designer’s table; give you tips about flowers, information and some secrets. It will be my honest opinion, beliefs and advice, based on my own experience.

Get ready to learn more with my adventures in the world of FLOWERS!

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    1. Iva Tanurkova

      Thanks Jen, there will be more :-) I promise! It feels great to be able to share my experience.

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