Flower of the month of January – Calla Lily!




It’s January and for this month my flower of the month is Calla lily.

Although often called Calla lilies, these flowers are not related to lilies. Their botanical name is Zantedeschia spp. (zan-te-des-kee-a) and is related to Anthuriums, Caladiums, Dieffenbachias and Spathiphyllums. 

Calla lilies are a native of southern Africa. They are grown from rhizomes and once planted they keep spreading. It does not need too much care neither is it very sensitive to soil variations. It can thrive in any kind of soil, provided there is a humid climate around. It is a very attractive flower and the most common colour that we see around is white. But the flower is found in colours like burgundy, pink, yellow, blackish purple, and orange.

Standard Callas have a head size of about 6 inches and stem ranging form 20 to 48 inches. These are largely the white and green and white varieties. Miniature callas are the colored callas, although there are also mini white callas as well. Head size range from 3 to 5 inches and stem length from 8 to 30 inches.  Callas are available year round as a cut flower.

Legend behind calla lily

Calla lily meaning has been related to Greek goddess Hera. The word calla means beautiful. The legend has it that Zeus, the roman god had fathered Hercules with earthly woman. When Hercules was born, Zeus wanted him to have divine powers. He drugged Hera and let the little Hercules nurse from her. As Hera came back to her senses, she was furious and pushed the baby aside. During this act, the Milky Way was formed and a few drops of milk fell on the Earth, where they became flowers – Calla lilies. Seeing the beautiful lilies, Venus felt that her beauty is being challenged. She began cursing the flower and soon a heavy pistil came out of the centre of the beautiful cup shaped flower.

Different flowers have different meaning and the Calla lily meaning is both rebirth and union.

Enjoy this beautiful flower this month. Get some potted plants or order a fresh flower arrangement.

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2 comments on “Flower of the month of January – Calla Lily!

  1. Stephanie SassyModernMom

    The Calla lily has long been my favourite flower, even taking centre stage at my wedding! Thanks for all the background info on this beauty I have to admit I didn’t know most of it. You’ve inspired me to fill my house with flowers this month!

    1. Iva Tanurkova

      Thank you Stephanie, flowers are one of a few things that always lift my spirit and make a gloomy day look bright. I would love to see some pictures of your wedding flowers ;-)

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