Gerbera daisy – flower of the month of February!




It’s been a long and cold winter here in North America and I need some sun and warmth.

The flower that reminds me of the sun and always makes me very happy is the strikingly beautiful Gerbera daisy.

Gerbera daisies are so perfect they hardly look real. They bloom in nearly every color (except true blues and purples) and produces large flowers on long, thick, sturdy stems. They last for a week or more in the vase, making them a favourite for fresh-flower bouquets.

It is the fifth most used cut flower in the world after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip.

Gerbera is a genus of ornamental plants from the sunflower family (Asteraceae). It was named in honour of the German botanist and naturalist Traugott Gerber. The first scientific description of a Gerbera was made by J.D. Hooker in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine in 1889 when he described Gerbera jamesonii, a South African species also known as Transvaal daisy or Barberton Daisy. Gerbera is also commonly known as the African daisy. It has approximately 30 species in the wild, extending to South America, Africa and tropical Asia.

Gerbera daisies mean innocence, purity, and cheerfulness.

This bright, flowering plant is an air purifier very effective at removing trichloroethylene, which you may bring home with your dry cleaning. It’s also good for filtering out the benzene that comes with inks. Add one to your laundry room or bedroom.

Gerbera is also used as a flowering garden plant. Though they’re commonly sold potted as gifts, they can make wonderful additions to any flower garden. Plus, when you grow your own gerbera flowers, you’ll be able to make beautiful cut flower arrangements. In warm areas such as Florida, gerberas grow perennially, but in cooler regions, they should be treated as annuals.

With so many varieties available it’s hard not to love this flower. Bouquets and arrangements made with Gerbera daisies are so cheerful and beautiful.

This is my “happy flower”. What is yours?

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