How to properly pin a boutonnière!

Let me show you a trick on how to properly pin a boutonnière or corsage like a pro.

Creating beautiful floral arrangements is my passion. It’s a hard but very rewarding work and I love every second of it. Making personal flowers like corsages and boutonnières, take some time and these little masterpieces must be presented properly. The wedding season is in full swing and I have seen a few times boutonnières pinned the wrong way or people struggling to attached them.

This might come in handy next time you need to attach a personal flowers:


A boutonnière should sit over the button hole on the left lapel of the wearer’s suit. You should not see any pins holding the boutonnière in place.


There are other ways to attach personal flowers. A magnet or a safety pin can be used. These options must be discussed in advance with your florist, as they required certain mechanics and both the magnet and the safety pin have to be securely inserted in the boutonnière. Please keep in mind that magnets are no recommended to be used in personal flowers for small kids or people with pacemakers.

Happy pinning!















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